Therefore, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

Strength provides endurance and lower costs

When unions are strong, we need a strong counter-part. Therefore, over 50 employer and industry associations collaborate within the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. This provides a unique breadth and strength. Therefore, we are the leading business organisation in Sweden.

Breadth creates strength.

Our collectively agreed insurance coverages provide employees protection at low cost. TRR and TSL are joint collective non-profits that provide more effective readjustment for employees facing redundancies. Our employer organisation provides assistance on insurance issues to employers, free of charge. And our strike insurance fund, at SEK 12 billion and helps pay damages caused by union industrial action, helps us keep our cool during collective bargaining.

Competitive pay rises

During the collective bargaining round, employers lock elbows to ensure that wage formation strengthens companies’ competitiveness while providing real wage growth. Without this cooperation, the consequences could lead to devastating pay competition, and we would face difficulty competing globally. Member organisations have assigned responsibility for coordinating collective bargaining to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Impact for business climate

Entrepreneurial people in Sweden should have the best possible conditions for their work. The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, with our member organisations, join together to impact policy decisions. In both the EU and in Sweden. This demands patience and perseverance, and brings results. One example is the repeal of inheritance and gift tax, another is repealing the wealth tax, co-financing of sick leave benefits also disappeared, the ban on seasonal employment was repealed, the proposed right to full-time employment hasn’t been enacted, and amendments to labour immigration laws have made international recruitment easier. We interact with our member organisations and the Swedish business sector to stimulate public opinion.

How it works in practice

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise stands for driving issues and policies that are important for all businesses. Whether this involves taxes, labour law, education, or infrastructure. Our member organisations, in turn, drive industry specific issues, and provide direct information, training, and advice to their member companies. Our member employer associations provide advice on employment issues and are the signing partners in collective bargaining agreements with union organisations.