The voice of enterprise for a lasting on public opinion

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise has a collective role in employer issues as well as in business policy issues.

A collective opinion of enterprise in common issues is an important condition in order to successfully be able to influence policy making, both nationally and internationally. The vision of the Swedish Confederation of Swedish Enterprise is to develop a broad interest community in Sweden around the value of enterprise.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise has good expert knowledge in many areas. Our experts concentrate on influencing the design and application of business rules as well as on increasing the knowledge and understanding of authorities and state departments of business needs and conditions. Our goal is a simpler and more stable set of regulations. The experts at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise also provide support and guidance to the member organisations.

By building public opinion we increase the business interest community, thereby providing conditions for competettive and healthy businesses. We measure the business climate in local communities, propose and follow-up on measures taken by local authorities through ongoing dialogues with local politicians and public servants. This improves the level of service as well as the relationships to enterprise in the municipalities.

21 regional offices provide proximity and influence

Our 21 regions build comprehensive contacts with decision makers and media around the entire country. The head office is in Stockholm. The regional offices also offer a range of meeting places for business people in order to provide information on current issues, and, not least, to listen to the views of entrepreneurs in a range of different matters.

One office in Brussels

The office in Brussels has as its main objective to create contacts and put forward the views of Swedish enterprise in the EU Commission and EU Parliament. There are cooperative efforts being made with international organisations, e.g. UNICE, European industry organisations, ILO, WTO, OECD, to increase the efficiency of the organisation.


All member companies also receive information through meetings, brochures and the website, as well as the monthly magazine Entreprenör. You are also welcome to read about the vision, goals and the objects clause in the charter of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Without business no prosperity!