The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise comprises 49 member organisations

Advice and service to individual member companies is provided by the member organisations. These are industry associations, employer trade associations or combined industry and employer trade organisations.

The industry associations provide information, training and service to the member companies in industry specific issues. They influence decision makers in issues which are important for the industry, and representing the views of an entire industry gives them weight in the debate.

The employer trade associations enter into agreements, so called collective agreements, with trade union organisations relating to salaries, general terms and conditions of employment, agreement insurance etc. The agreements provide good opportunities for the adjustment of regulations to industry and enterprise specific needs and industrial peace. The employer trade associations provide advice in relation to commercial and employment law issues, in connection with setting salary levels and other personnel related matters, as well as in connection with disputes and negotiations. The member companies enjoy speedy service and advice, often by telephone and in most cases also to a lower cost compared to when businesses rely on so called local collective agreements with the trade union organisations.

In connection with an application for membership we will guide you to a member organisation which will provide your company with industry specific service and advice. In certain cases the agreements with the trade union organisations govern which member organisation which may be the most suitable.