The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise is active throughout the EU as an independent organization, and as a member of BUSINESSEUROPE.

BUSINESSEUROPE is the “Voice of Business in Europe”, representing 40 member federations from 35 European nations. In all, this means representing millions of individual companies that jointly employ more than 100 million people.

BUSINESSEUROPE`s mandate is to actively promote member interests by informing and influencing EU policy makers. The organization focuses these activities on four areas:

  • Promote entrepreneurship through a well-functioning Internal Market and Free Trade
  • Better conditions for business by less burdensome regulation
  • Improving the functioning of the labor market through flexibility
  • Promoting a balanced sustainable development

As a member of BUSINESSEUROPE, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise actively participates in these working groups and committees, and more.

  • Economic and Financial Affairs
  • External Relations
  • Industrial Affairs
  • Social Affairs
  • Company Affairs
  • Internal Market Comittee
  • SME and Industrial Policy Committee